VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / ThreadBox / Submitting a VoiceThread to a ThreadBox

If you are an administrator for a ThreadBox or if submissions have been allowed, there are two ways to add a VoiceThread.


From an Open ThreadBox

Click “Add your own” at the top-right corner of an open VoiceThread.



There are three sources from which you can add a VoiceThread.

  1. Create a New VoiceThread: Create a new VoiceThread of your own.  You will need to upload at least one slide.
  2. Select from the VoiceThreads you have already created: Click here to pull up a list of the VoiceThreads you have created.  You can select one or more to submit to the ThreadBox.
  3. Enter the share link for a VoiceThread: As long as the VoiceThread you are trying to submit is yours or is already public, you can enter its share link here to submit it.

From Your VT Home Page

If you own a ThreadBox or have bookmarked it, you can find it in the sidebar on your own VT Home Page.  To submit one of your own VoiceThreads to it, simply drag that VoiceThread and drop it into the ThreadBox.