VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / Sharing / Embedding

Embedding a VoiceThread into your own website, blog, or learning management system is a great way to make it easily accessible to your participants if you don’t already have an LTI integration. Participants can sign into their accounts and participate in a VoiceThread right from your page. You can embed a VoiceThread anywhere that you are able to use HTML embed code.  See a sample embedded VoiceThread below.

To obtain the embed code:

  1. Access the sharing area.
  2. Click on the “Basic” tab.
  3. Click on the “Embed” button on the left.
  4. Un-check the boxes to allow anyone to view and comment if you want to change these permissions. Learn more here.
  5. Use the controls to decide what size and shape your embedded VoiceThread will be. The code below will update automatically.
  6. Click the button to “Copy Embed Code”. This copies that code to your computer’s clipboard so that you can paste it into the desired location.

By default, your embedded VoiceThread will have a play button in the center of it, just as the one at the top of this page does.  If you do not want that play button to appear add “&pb=0” to the URL in your embed code.  For example:

If your URL is: https://voicethread.com/app/player/?threadId=409
Change it to be: https://voicethread.com/app/player/?threadId=409&pb=0

Note: If you have an institutional license and VoiceThread is integrated with your learning management system via LTI, you should not embed your VoiceThreads. Learn more about how to add VoiceThreads to your courses using an LTI-integrated solution.